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Life scieces cover a broad rage of topics, from the survival ad reproductio of orgaisms to the geetic material withi cell uclei, makig it both expasive ad specific. What is the coectio betwee life scieces ad idividuals? Click to register ad atted ICG-18 to explore the code of life!

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Life scieces are sigificat subjects i may coutries ad are highly regarded scietific fields. Why should we strive for a advatage? What does this mea for the future of busiesses? We aticipate your visit to discuss cooperatio ad collaborate with ICG-18!

I. Registration method
Venue: Beijing, Singapore, Hangzhou
For Beijing (April 14-15), Singapore (April 22-23) and Hangzhou (April 25-28), please scan/long press the identification mini program code to purchase tickets. Fill in the information according to the requirements.  You will receive a prompt message after successful payment.

Special venue: Zhangjiajie, Nanjing, Wenzhou
Special venues in Zhangjiajie (April 12-13), Nanjing (April 16) and Wenzhou (April 18) are by invitation only.   Please send an email to icg18@bictimes.cn with the title of Name + Name of the venue.   Please include your name, venue, organization, title, contact information and reason for application in the body of the email.   The Organizing committee will contact you after approval (registration time: 2023.3.15-2023.4.5).
Special Note: For BGI internal staff to attend the conference, please submit their information (name, ID number, mobile phone number, BGI work number) to the Organizing committee before March 31. Participants need to purchase lunch vouchers separately and take care of their accommodation (they can enjoy the negotiated price when booking the conference hotel through the Organizing Committee).

II. Registration Fee: (Unit: Yuan/RMB)

ICG-18 Registration Fees


Single Day Ticket (RMB)

Combo Ticket (RMB)




¥660/2 days

14-15 APR (FRI/SAT)



¥3330/2 days

22-23 APR (SAT/SUN)



¥1330/4 days


*Note: Students with valid ID will enjoy 20% discount, and BGI staff with valid ID will enjoy 30% discount. The above discounts cannot be combined (Huada employee ID can only be used for registration and not as a conference pass).


● BGI staff with BGI employee card registration can enjoy 30% discount (contact customer service to change the price).

● Students from BGI Bioscience Research Institute in Shenzhen are free of registration fee with student ID. Lunch vouchers are required.

● If BGI employees participate in the conference, they should submit their names, ID cards, photos and other information to the conference team in advance.

III.  Registration Instructions

● Description of rights and interests: The registration fee includes all presentations, product launches, tea breaks, lunches, conference materials and gifts.

● Signing in: After successful payment, you will receive confirmation message from the system. When you sign in, you can get your conference ID card, conference materials and gifts at the sign-in place with your ID card and text message. The conference Pass is for personal use only and cannot be sold or transferred.

● Valid ID: VIP, Speaker, Participant, Sponsor, Media, Staff, not including employee ID and other certificates.

● Force Majeure: If the offline meeting cannot be held due to force majeure, all the meeting content will be held online, and the Organizing committee will refund the registration fee in full.

● Refund application: If you need to refund the ticket due to personal reasons, you must submit a written application to the Organizing Committee (please contact icg18@bictimes.cn). Only 30% of the registration fee will be refunded for the refund application made after March 31, 2023 (the application time is subject to the receipt time of email). No refund will be given for the refund application made after April 15, 2023. In order to avoid any loss, please arrange your travel reasonably in advance.

● Invoicing: For invoicing, please contact icg18@bictimes.cn after the conference.

* If the ticket payment is successful, the buyer accepts the above terms by default.

Welcome to all eterprises to egotiate cooperatio, lookig forward to workig with you to create the developmet of life scieces.

For cooperatio egotiatios, please cotact:

Jing WANG +86 17836231709