The 17th Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics (ICG-17) will be held on-site and online in Qingdao (Oceanomics and Regenerative Medicine Sessions, September 5-6), Hangzhou (Life Science and Industry Forum in Yangtze Delta Region, September 6-8) and Shenzhen (Workshops and Young Students and Scholars Forum, September 15-16), Chengdu (Life Science, Medicine and Bio-industry in West China, The end of October). Also, there will be a special Event in Riga, Latvia (OMICS Advances in Africa and Europe, September 7-9).

ICG is an annual global academic event in the field of omics. Since the first conference was held in 2006, over 1,000 leading scientists, Nobel laureates, academicians and entrepreneurs throughout the world have participated as guests to share their achievements and insights. More than 10,000 attendees from more than 200 countries and regions around the world and tens of millions of online attendees have witnessed and actively promoted the rapid development of life sciences and medicine with ICG.

We look forward to meeting more old and new friends at ICG-17.

1. How to register:

By scanning the QR code on the right side for mini-program ticket purchase, please fill in the true information as required for account registration and pay the participation fee according to the following standards.

2. Registration fee:

I. Fee Standard (Unit: Yuan/RMB)

Registration Type: Conference Time Early bird Ticket (prior to Aug 15) Ticket
Hangzhou Session Sept.6-Sept.8 499.00 749.00
Qingdao Session Sept.5- Sept.6 499.00 749.00
Shenzhen Session Sept.15-Sept.16 499.00 749.00
Chengdu Session The end of October 999.00 1,499.00
One-Day Ticket 349.00 (only for on-site)

  • Student Channel: Students can enjoy 20% discount with valid credentials (discount can be stacked).
  • BGI Channel: 20% discount for BGI staff with valid credentials (BGI staff card can only be used for registration, not as a proof of participation, discount can be stacked).
  • Pandemic prevention personnel Channel: Epidemic prevention personnel can attend the meeting free of charge with relevant valid credentials (accommodation and lodging are not included).

II.  Registration Instructions:

  • The above package includes all lectures, product launch, lunch, and conference materials, excluding accommodation and transportation.
  • After successful registration, the conference pass can only be used by register and cannot be sold or transferred.
  • All registration rates are valid only prior to the deadline specified above.
  • If the offline conference cannot be held due to force majeure such as the epidemic, all the content of the conference will be held online, and the registration fee will be refunded by the organizing committee on the same way.
  • If the registration is cancelled for personal reasons, the application must be submitted through the mini program. All cancellations made after the pre-sale period (August 15, 2022) will not be refunded.
  • If you need to issue an invoice, you can issue an electronic invoice in the mini program after the conference. If you need a paper invoice, please send the invoice information to If you have issued an electronic invoice, no paper invoice will be provided, and vice versa.
  • For any questions about payment and invoices, please send an email to:, and a customer service staff will answer them for you.
  • Free attendance (epidemic prevention personnel channels, media, etc.) need to pay for their own accommodation.
  • No dinner will be provided.

III. Meeting Attendance:

1. Conference address: Please refer to the Official Notice of the Conference.

2. Attendance verification: Attendees are required to show their mini program registration information or submit their identity information to the staff of the check-in place. After verification, participants will be issued with their participation certificate, meal voucher and conference materials before going to the venue.

3. Venue verification: The entrance of the venue shall be checked by staff and security personnel, who must take relevant certificates before entering the venue.

4. Valid credentials: organizing committee, guest card, volunteer, media card, work card, SPEAKER, VIP, excluding BGI employee card and other pass cards.

IV. Other matters needing attention:

1.Participation route: Please refer to the official notice and indicators of each venue.

2.Please pay attention to the latest local epidemic prevention policies before attending the meeting:

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