Registration Category Early Bird Discount
before Sep. 20 (including the day)
Regular / On site
after Sep. 20
VIP ------- Invited
Participant 1,960 CNY (280 USD) 2,800 CNY (400 USD)
Student 1,260 CNY(182 USD) 1,800 CNY(260 USD)
Media ------- Invited
Volunteer ------- Verification
For Product Launch ------- 800 CNY (125 USD)

1. The Standard Package includes access to all presentations, product launch, lunches, coffee/tea breaks, conference banquet and conference materials.
2. Accommodation or transportation is NOT included in the registration fee of the conference.
3. The registered student must provide a valid student ID at the conference.
4. Conference pass is NOT transferable.
5. All discounts are valid only before the deadlines outlined in Registration Fee (above).
6. Registration Cancellation/Refunds: To receive a registration fee refund, registrants must send a written request to the ICG Organizing Committee via to cancel the registration no later than September 30, 2019. 70% of the registration fee will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for requested cancellations after the deadline.
7. Any questions regarding obtaining an invoice or/and an invitation letter (for VISA application) should be directed to after the payment is made.


Online Payment System:

The online payment system accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB and most domestic debit or credit cards. You need to log in "My Orders" and click "Pay Online" to make the payment online. Questions regarding online payment should be directed to

Wire Transfer:

Domestic Attendees (国内参会者):
银行账号:40000 20929 20016 5302

Overseas Attendees
Payee Name: Beijing Genomics Institute at Shenzhen (Note: the payee name must be completed. Please copy the payee information in the remark column below if there is not enough space.)
Payee Account: 40000 20929 20016 5302
Payee Address: Main Building, Beishan Industrial Zone, Beishan Road, Yantian District, Shenzhen, China
Post Code: 518083
Remark Column: ICG-14 Registration + Attendee's Name

The following information MUST be sent to after the wire transfer is made:
1. Payer's Name  2. Attendee's Name  3. Amount & Currency  4. Payment Date

Poster Session

Submission for the Poster Session will be open to all the participants. We encourage you to submit your poster report(s) on emerging issues or on work in progress. Any submitted posters will be rewarded with 100 RMB, and the most outstanding ones will be rewarded with the Outstanding Poster Award. All posters must be written in English and submitted before September 15, 2019.

You need to log in ‘My Orders’ to submit the abstract.

  1. 1. Presenting authors NEED to register before submitting your abstract.
  2. 2. Please check the abstract carefully for typographical errors, author’s name and organization before submission. The ICG Organizing Committee does not proofread or correct spelling, typographical or grammatical errors.
  3. 3. The ICG Organizing Committee will contact the authors of selected posters by e-mail before September 20, 2019.
  4. 4. The selected posters should be designed in picture format (1080*1920 Pixels), which need to be sent to by October 15, 2019. They will be shown on the screen in the ICG-14.
  5. 5. Any questions about the abstract should be directed to

Media Registration

To register for a Media Pass, please contact and provide the following details:
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Company/Publication
4. Contact Number
5. Letter of Certification from Company/Publication

Please note that media registration is strictly reserved for members of the media, which includes magazine/publication, newspapers/daily news, online, radio, television and wire services. All media registrations are subject to accreditation and approval of the organizer.

Note that each accredited Media Pass is valid for only one individual and is non-transferable. Registered media representatives will be given support for media interviews with speakers, partners, exhibitors and spokespersons.

Young Women
Travel Award

The Young Women Scientist Travel Award aims to support outstanding young female scientists by providing scholarship money to attend BGI's 14th Annual International Conference on Genomics (ICG-14) on October 24-27 in Shenzhen, China. The successful applicant will also be offered the opportunity to deliver a speech about her research at the ICG-14 satellite Women in Science Conference held on October 24, 2019.
The Award provides an opportunity for young women researchers to engage with the most eminent international scientists and scholars, and serves as a means to promote research and career development of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
What is Offered:
Each successful applicant is offered a certain complimentary registration for ICG-14 and the satellite Women in Science Conference.
Complementary travel and hotel allowances are as follows:

1. An economy-class flight up to $1,500 USD

2. Travel expense to and fro between the airport and the conference (For Shenzhen applicants, transport covers Metro, Bus and/or Taxi tickets)

3. Hotel fee for 5 nights.

Who Can Apply:
Female scientists who are PhD students or Post-Doctoral Fellows.
Award winners MUST be able to attend the 4th Annual Women in Science Conference(October 24, 2019 and at least 3 days at ICG-14).
Key Dates:
Application submission is now open.
Application submission deadline: August 15, 2019.
Notification date of receiving Young Women Scientist Travel Award: September 1, 2019.
How to Apply:
Applicants should send the following information to the ICG Organizing Committee via email (

1. Application Form and your CV

2. A scanned copy of passport (for overseas applicants) or identity card (for domestic applicants)

3. A scanned copy of student ID (for students only)

4. A scanned copy of the highest degree certificate, e.g., diploma

5. For domestic applicants: a scanned copy of employment/university registration certificate or any company/institution supporting letter with company stamp.

6. Scanned copies of additional documents to support application information as needed.

Applications will be assessed by a judging panel including Laurie Goodman (Editor-in-Chief of GigaScience, Women in Science Conference’s organizer and keynote speaker) along with 4 representatives of ICG-14 Session Chairs.

1. Travel expense reimbursed upon completion of the ICG-14 conference. Travel receipts MUST be provided to the ICG-14 Organizing Committee for reimbursement.
2. For Overseas Applicants: The scanned copies of travel receipts may be submitted to the conference organizers at the end of ICG-14, or submitted by email to:
3. For Domestic Applicants: The original travel receipts may be submitted to the conference organizers at the end of ICG-14, or submitted by mail to: 深圳市盐田区北山工业区11栋 华大基因二办 公共传播部(收) 联系方式:+86 (755) 3630 7214