Audience Participation

The propositions of the life sciences are always grand and specific, covering biological survival and reproduction down to the genetic material in the cell nucleus. What is the relationship between life science and the individual?
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Enterprise Cooperation

Life sciences are an important subject in many countries and a very highly valued field of science. Why do we need to take advantage of this? What does this really mean for the future of business? We look forward to your coming to discuss and cooperate with ICG-19!

1. Registration method

Participate in the Thai venue (May 18-19) please followthe steps below and operate as required.

1.1 THB or USD(Bank Transfer)

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1.2 Alipay orWeChat Pay

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*Please scan the QR code to proceed with payment registration and fill in and upload the relevant information.

2. Registration Fee:


Early bird price

Before May 18




999 CNY

5000 THB

138 USD

1099 CNY

5500 THB

152 USD


499 CNY

2500 THB

69 USD

599 CNY

3000 THB

83 USD

*Note: Students enjoy a 50% discount with a student ID.

3. Please note

3.1 Theregistration time is based on the actual payment time, and the on-site paymentis based on the on-site payment price.
3.2 Participantswho have paid the fee and are unable to attend the conference for any reason,please apply to the conference organizer. The remaining balance will berefunded after deducting 200 CNY (1005THB) handling fee.

3.3 Invoice issuance and collection: Pay attention tocheck the electronic invoice through the registered email address before andafter 10 working days after the successful payment, and the invoice for on-siteregistration will be issued within 15 working days after the meeting.

3.4 The registration fee includes 2-day lunch. Transportation andaccommodation costs are at your own expense.

We welcome all enterprises to cooperate with us and look forward to working with you to promote the development of life sciences.

For more information, please contact:

Jing WANG(Ms.)