The Organizing Committee of ICG is proud to announce that the 16th Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics (ICG-16) will be held from October 25 to 31, 2021, in the beautiful coastal city Qingdao, China.Under the annual theme of “Omics for Global Collaboration”, ICG-16 will continue to contribute to the goal of global collaboration, following its permanent theme of “OMICS for ALL”.

Since 2006, with the participation and contribution of the world’s prominent professionals and bioindustry leaders, the ICG has been acknowledged as one of the most important gathering globally in the fields of life sciences and medicine, especially Omics.

At this tumultuous period, while the global pandemic is raging on, we are not only sending you a message of friendship and best wishes, but also our sincere inviting, to join us for the ICG-16 where we shall contribute to a safer and better world for all through even closer global collaboration, especially collaboration with the developing countries.

We cordially invite you, our colleagues from the international life science community and biotech industry, to participate in this unique event and contribute to its full success as ever.

Looking forward to working with and learning from you at the ICG-16.


International Gne Expert