Keynote Keynote 演讲
Session 1 Progress in high throughput omic platforms
Session 2 Bioinformatics tools toward perfect genom
Session 3 Single cell omics: technology to biology
Session 4 Big data for precision medicine 大数据与精准医学
Session 5 New idea and application in genome writing
Session 6 Biobank and million genomes
Session 7 Population genomics under bigdata era
Session 8 Technology application as well as its feasible solution in genomics sequencing
Session 8 Phenomic techniques and their application in medicine and healthcar

Networking Events

We’ve got tracks focusing on Omics,
so no matter what sector your company lives in,
we’ve got the stage, lounge and networking event.

Product Launches:

Established markets generate intense competition during which new and innovative marketing strategies are required and new and existing products are developed.

Life science companies may have a great opportunity to generate new partnerships or business relationships through product launching in ICG-14.

A limited number of presentations are available. Sign on early to secure your presence!

Welcome Reception:

Networking and sharing ideas with some of the most innovative minds.

Food and beverage will be served throughout the event. Don't miss the opportunity to make an impression in this intellectually stimulating and socially memorable occasion.

Conference Banquet:

The banquet provides a key networking opportunity for attendees to build connections in a relaxed and informal environment.

Traditional Chinese performances are typically included in the banquet.

Women in Science Conference

The 5th Annual Women in Science Conference
October 24, 2019  9:00 am - 5:00 pm  China National GeneBank


The Women in Science Conference is a satellite meeting of the International Conference on Genomics (ICG-14). The Women in Science Conference is hosted by BGI and takes place the day before ICG-13. This conference is organized by Laurie Goodman, Editor-in-Chief of the international journal GigaScience.

The Women in Science Conference provides an international forum that brings together top female researchers in big-data science. This is a scientific conference with topics spanning a broad range of fields in the life sciences, including evolution, 'omics', cancer, complex diseases, reproductive health, technology, and informatics. In addition to the exploration and sharing of scientific advances, this venue also provides an opportunity for young women researchers to interact with senior women in science, gain mentors, discuss issues that women may face when working in the sciences, and learn about ways the senior researchers dealt with these problems.

This conference is open to women researchers only.

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Science Carnival


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